WELCOME TO TINTOYART.COM Hi!! My name is Pairo Cheng. If you are Tin Toys' lover, I hope you enjoy to visit my website and to get the information you need. If you are not, I am ready to make you to be sooner or later after visiting this website.

"Tin Toy" is a sign or mark for a period of history. In this period, toys designer is like an artist and toy is like a piece of art. Toys designer creates many lovely and amazing toys under simple technology. You may not imagine why amazing action work only by some gear wheels. The lithograph and illustration on packing is a piece of artwork too. Tin Toy is not only a toy but also an artwork and the witness of history.

Being a Tin Toys' lover and collector, I am developing TinToyArt.com. I hope I am able to make use of my graphic and web design knowledge to do something related to the culture of Tin Toy. This website is built to share the information among Tin Toys' lovers and people who want to know more about Tin Toy. You are welcome to send me an email for any opinion.

I want to say THANKS again to all collectors who provide their collection photos and information to enrich this Tin Toy database for people searching.